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Would you like to work with second hand items? The profits goes to children in need.

Erikshjälpen Second Hand, Uppsala

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Are you interested in Second Hand, or want to learn more about it? In that case you’re the right person for us!

Erikshjälpen Second Hand sells donated goods to generate aid for children in Sweden and around the world. Our main target is to help children to fulfill their dreams with giving them a right to health care, education and safety.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers that want to work with preparing the shop for each sales day. Sort gifts, give them a price tag, send things to aid, clean the shop and decorate the different departments. Our focus is to make to shop look attractive for the customers and you will help out with replacing old things with new ones, every day. We want our shop looking like a new shop everyday, since we received so many different items from our donors.

The shop is divided into different departments which work with different items. Together we pick whats you´re biggest interest of working with. Work with household utilities, furniture, clothes, accessories, toys, hobby gear, books and much more. During your time with us you will work with the entire process, from receiving gifts to decorate the shop. With your help we hope to make the Uppsala shop one of the most profit making business in our organisation which makes us collect a lot of aid.

Specifika önskemål eller information: 
Together we decide the time for your engagement. We are flexible and try to adapt to your wishes as best we can. We are so grateful for every hour you can contribute.
När och var genomförs uppdraget: 
The work takes place at our Second Hand shop at Bolandsgatan 8 A in Uppsala. Work during Monday and/or Wednesday at: 08.30-16.30, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 08.30-18.00, Fridays 08.30-15.30 and/or Saturdays at 11.00-16.00. You decide how often you want to work and which days (we would like you to work at least two hours at a time).
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