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Internationellt arbete i Sverige
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Volunteers in the guest department will be taking care of our guests during their stay in Stockholm, or will be working at our guest center where you will be meeting the guests and answering any questions the guests may have.

Volunteers will be right in the center of the festival, and by taking part and giving us your time you will be able to watch a large assortment of films and experience the film world from the inside. In exchange for your hard work you will be given a volunteer-pass, which will allow you to see all the films shown at the festival (as long as there is space), meet lots of new and interesting people, and have a wonderful film-festival experience. You will also be given festival training, as well as other forms of work experience which can be applied to future jobs.

When and where will the volunteering take place: 
The festival is taking place between the 7th and 18th of November, but some departments have assignments beginning in October.
Specific requirements and information: 
Best suited for people who are professional, organized, and most importantly social, communicative, and potentially bilingual/multilingual.
Minimum time commitment: 
Preferably, volunteers should be available for multiple shifts during the festival, but we will discuss your work days and times together. (Most events will be between the afternoon and evening, but we may even need help during the day).
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